New Government of Germany

The government will be born in Germany. The official statement came from the center-left leader Olaf Scholz who confirmed the creation of the new executive composed of Social Democrats (SPD), Greens and Liberals (Fdp). Germany will thus have a government 59 days after the general elections of 26 September, which saw the SPD arrive as the first party with 25.7%.

Scholz said at a press conference that the three coalition parties have reached an agreement that will end the era of longtime Chancellor Angela Merkel. The three parties have signed a coalition contract entitled «Dare for greater progress. Alliance for freedom, justice and sustainability ».

The Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Economy-Climate will most likely go to the Greens, while the Liberals will be assigned Justice and Finance. The coalition agreement provides that, by 2030, 80% of the electricity consumed will come from renewable sources. The target set now is 65 percent instead. The agreement will then have to be examined by the three parties.

Other points of the agreement include the legalization of cannabis, the minimum wage of 12 euros per hour, the right to vote for 16-year-olds and the creation of a permanent crisis team and a group of experts from the Chancellery, to address the Covid-19 pandemic. In this regard, one billion euros will be unlocked for bonuses to parasanitary equipment in Germany, particularly tested by the pandemic crisis.

The major German newspapers explain that the liberal Christian Lindner will go to the finance ministry, while the Green exponent Robert Habeck will have a super ministry that will unite economy and climate. The co-president of ecologists Annalena Baerbock will sit at the foreign ministry instead.

Inoltre, nell’accordo di coalizione raggiunto oggi si prevede la legalizzazione dell’uso di droni armati per proteggere, si sottolinea nel documento, i soldati tedeschi dispiegati all’estero. Secondo il liberale Christian Lindner, «Olaf Scholz sarà un cancelliere forte per la Germania». In più ha assicurato che «nelle contrattazioni per il governo l’Fdp ha conosciuto un altro Scholz, e soprattutto ne ha compreso l’atteggiamento interiore, quello di un politico che governerà rappresentando tutti, non solo i socialdemocratici».

Mentreil co-leader dei Verdi, Robert Habeck ha dichiarato che: «La nuova storia che intendiamo scrivere insieme si concentra sulle volontà di coniugare insieme benessere, crescita e difesa del clima e delle risorse naturali».

Paulo Bentu

Non-Rwsident Fellow

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