Russian Revisionism and Alternative Socioeconomic Views in Russia

(Giorgi Rostomashvili)

Taking into account the historical and political context of Russia’s recent aggressive actions, the policy paper examines the objectives, strategy and tactics of Russia’s information and hybrid warfare, concerning eastern European, Syria and Caucasian examples. Of special interest in the notion that Russian Revisionism is vigorous because it does not necessarily establish falsehoods as true, but rather adulterates political discourse in a way, that news consumers are let to doubt the very concepts of truthful political facts. Policy paper by its part divides historical revisionism as positive and negative, which leads to examination of official Moscow’s revisionist power, its plan to overturn the European order and discusses revisionism as a subject of manipulation on internal alternative sociopolitical views. Finally, based on historical case study, policy paper explains Russian economic system and claims that the aims of socialism can be achieved by democratic footsteps, without revolution.

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