How Russian Propaganda Works Amid Tensions in Ukraine

Over the past few weeks (from November 2021 to February 2022) the Kremlin propaganda has become more antagonistic, offensive, and aggressive. Moscow intensified its disinformation operations against the West and first of all, versus Ukraine. A main reason of this extraordinary propagandistic mobilization is ongoing tensions between Moscow and Kiev. Yes, nowadays we hear and read the number of expert predictions or non-professional speculations about the possible scenarios that might emerge in Ukraine: Annexing the Donbas, limited operation, full invasion, unconventional war, withdrawal of Russian forces. Personally I think that Putin bids high. He wants to win something because he ultimately promises to de-escalate the conflict. Though President of Russia gives the impression that he is striving for war, he really expects benefits in return for non-aggression and concessions. All of this gives the impression of a blackmail strategy. Putin may be talking about economic …

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