Why Latin America Matters?

The Foreign Policy Council – in cooperation with Uruguay in Georgia – is offering another online project for Georgian students, researchers, and low/mid-level public servants – “Why Latin America Matters?

Latin America is becoming more and more interesting destination for many world powers. It is a “battlefield” for economic and political rivalry between China, Russia, and the USA. In addition, this continent has a significant meaning for the non-recognition policy of Georgia’s breakaway regions. However, the knowledge about Latin America is still poor in Georgian academic and scientific circles.

Our project aims at raising awareness about political landscape, systemic transformation, and current challenges of major Latin American countries. The direct project beneficiaries are the members of academic, and scientific circles of Georgia (age: 20-35).

In the framework of “Why Latin America Matters?” project participants will have the unique opportunity to listen & talk to prominent diplomats, scholars, and professors (from various countries) about the above-mentioned topics.

We invite BA/MA/PhD students (from political, economic, or social sciences), low/mid- level civil servants, young journalists and NGO representatives (20-35 years old) to apply for “Why Latin America Matters?

The selection committee will choose 10 participants upon the following documents:
– Europass CV;
– Letter of motivation in English (maximum amount of words – 400);
– Proof of enrollment from your university or job.

All the necessary documents should be sent to the following address: foreignpolicycouncil@aol.com before the 17 of May, 2020. Please indicate “Why Latin
America Matters
” into the mail subject.

Upon the course completion, project participants will receive certificates!

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