Trump’s Challenge: How to Counter Mexican Cartels?

The American president declares war on the narcos and in an interview he says he is working on how to include them among the terrorists. Action that would entail many consequences, both juridical and diplomatic, with the Latin American country, which in fact immediately reacted by asking for an interview with the secretary of state.

The massacre of Mormons in early November in Mexico was the classic drop that caused the vase to overflow. Donald Trump revealed during a TV broadcast with conservative journalist Bill O’Reilly, No Spin News, that he wanted to consider the Cartels of Narcos as terrorists. “I have been working on it for 90 days,” the US president said, “you know that classification is not so easy, you must first get approval, go through a process but we are well involved in this process and we will complete it” .

Inserting Cartels in the black list does not only have legal implications that would jeopardize relations between the two large North American countries. There are diplomatic and commercial consequences, prohibitions and impositions. The persons indicated as belonging or connected to the Cartels can no longer enter the US; if they are on American territory they are expelled. We can no longer have commercial and financial relationships, the funds and current accounts as well as properties are confiscated or frozen. Mexico immediately reacted. He is worried, as well as wounded in his sovereignty. Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said he would seek his American counterpart Mike Pompeo today to schedule an urgent meeting. “The issue of narcoterrorism has legal implications; the acts are very serious but the proposal has an international legal impact. It is counterproductive and not necessary “.

This is not the first time Trump has thought of such an explosive initiative. He mentioned it in March in an interview with Steve Bannon’s Breibart site but was later stopped by some Republican senators. Mexico recalls that the problem is on both borders: Cartels bring drugs to the north, the US arms and money to the south. In addition to the chemical precursors that go from the south to the north to supply the clandestine methamphetamine laboratories in the American states.

After the massacre of the LeBarón family of Mormons, with dual American and Mexican nationality, present for decades with a large community between the States of Sonora and Chihuahua, Trump had offered US aid also on the military level. The head of the community had urged President Obrador to react and to accept the proposal of the White House leader and just last Sunday brother Bryan had sent a petition on the mail box of the US presidency requesting that the State Department include the Cartels on its list of foreign terrorist organizations. Like the Isis.

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