Opinion Polls in Italy – A Short Review

In the usual SWG Monday poll for the T7 of La7, the most interesting data is the confirmation of Fratelli d’Italia, with Giorgia Meloni’s party growing by 0.6%, which exceeds the target of double figures reaching 10.1%.

A growth for which the League of Salvini is paying the price, losing almost one point in the votes and stopping at 33.1%. However, with Forza Italia at 6%, the right-center coalition collects 49.2% of the votes.

The 5 Stelle recover something compared to last week, but do not go beyond 16.5%, with the Pd standing at 18.1%, although in slight decline is Italia Viva, which recovers half a point and stops at 5,5%, in fact leading to believe that, at least for the moment, the tender offer for Forza Italia launched by Renzi has not been accepted.

To understand then the impact that will have on Italia Viva the new party of Calenda – “Action”, which addresses voters of the same political area.

Among the smaller parties, only “Cambiamo” of Giovanni Toti has an increase compared to 7 days ago with 1.3%, while in decline the Italian Left/MDP Art1 (3.1%), Verdi (2.0%) and + Europe (1.6%) .

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